To issue a refund on the IVEPOS Point of Sale app. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on the three dots menu (⋮) at the top right of the header

2. Then tap on ‘Returns/Refunds

3. Enter the bill no. and click 'GO"

4. Select a Reason and click 'CONTINUE'

5. Click on the minus (-) button to return items one by one or click on the 'RETURN ALL' button to return all items.

6. In Mobile phones Click on 'Returns' to view the list (In tablets it is visible already)

7. Then click on the 'CONFIRM' button and Return it by clicking on the 'REFUND' button in the confirmation box (Refund receipt will be printed)

8. Refund the Amount displayed to the customer with the receipt and Click 'DONE'

SMS alert will be sent to the manager automatically.

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