It is easy to export and import items in the IVEPOS Back Office or Dashboard through a CSV file.

Exporting Items in IVEPOS Back office or Dashboard

1. Login in with your credentials

In the Web:

Go to Web Sign-in

In the Android App:

Download from play store

2. Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (Menu) button at the top left corner

3. Click on 'Custom Selection'

4. Select the store you want to set up and click 'OK'

5. Tap on 'Product and Tax'

6. Click on the Options menu at the top right of the header

7. Click on 'Download CSV(Data)' and then click on 'Download' to export the Item CSV template locally

8. Open your CSV file (the best way is to open it from Google Sheets, but you can also use other tools like Microsoft Excel, WPS Office, and other spreadsheet applications which can handle CSV format)

9. You can edit or add the items, price, quantity, category, item discount, variants, Unit, and item taxes & then save or export the CSV file

CSV Restrictions:

-The Name of the header cells should not be changed or altered. Do not add extra columns or delete existing columns.

-Price, Qty, Tax Values, Disc Value, Variant Values columns are number only columns. No currency symbols or other symbols allowed. The decimal separator must be a point.

-Id, Item name columns are mandatory.

-CSV (comma-separated values) format is where the fields are separated by commas, so avoid commas in your data.

Importing Items in IVEPOS Back office or Dashboard

1. Click on 'Upload CSV (Data)' option and then select the file followed by clicking 'Upload'

2. Now the CSV will be imported if there are no issues in the file which were specified in CSV Restrictions above.

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