For a USB printer to work with IVEPOS Point of Sale, you will need the following

  • Smartphone or tablet (with OTG support) with the IVEPOS Point of Sale app
  • USB printer, supported by the IVEPOS Point of Sale app (should support ESC/POS protocol, see also a list of Supported Printers)
  • USB type A to type B cable (goes together with the printer)
  • USB OTG adapter or cable

Plug one end of the USB cable into the USB port of the printer, and the other end into the female USB connector of an OTG adapter or cable. Then, plug the micro-USB end of the OTG adapter or cable into the micro-USB port of your mobile device, and wait for the system to recognize the printer.

Then, in the IVEPOS Point of Sale app

1. Once you are logged in, click on the Printer icon at the header

2. Click on the 'Counter'

3. Click on the 'Printer selection (Wifi/network)'

4. Click on the 'Wifi/Network' option

5. Click and select the USB Printer displayed in the list to connect

Congrats - Now the USB printer is connected to the counter

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