You can easily connect Mswipe Built-in Printer in IVEPOS Point of Sale

Things to do:

- Buy a device from MSwipe

- Download the IVEPOS app from Money store 

- Getting Started with IVEPOS

- After trial, Contact us at +91 99866 88896 (or)

- Pay for the app and get the Activation Code

- Enter the Activation Code and start using the IVEPOS Point of Sale app


In the newer Mswipe Neo device, We are facing a printing alignment issue. So please be aware of that. It will be updated here once this is fixed.

1. Once you are logged in, press the ☰ (Menu) button at the top left corner

2. Select the 'Settings' menu

3. Click on the 'Printer type' under Print and Barcode Settings

4. Select the Mswipe option

Congrats - Now you have successfully enabled printing in MSwipe device.

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