You can easily manage wastage in IVEPOS Point of Sale and take necessary action to prevent losses and improve profit margins

While restocking ingredients, wastage can be captured for insights and improving profit.

1. Click on 'No'

2. Enter current stock (You can see here what should be the stock based on your store sales)

3. 'Save' it

According to this situation, you should have 3.4kg of chicken but you are having only 2kg now.

Considering 1 biriyani requires 0.2kg chicken and costs Rs.100

You should have sold 17 but now you can sell only 10 (loss of Rs.700)

Ingredient loss is Rs.231 (165/kg). So total loss is Rs.931

4. IVEPOS Point of Sale shows wastage for each ingredient

5. It shows overall insights on wastage including waste percentage (i.e 9.4% raw materials is gone to waste). You could have saved this loss if you already know this.

Now instead of calculating all these cumbersome and complicated calculations. you can easily get all the insights and numbers from IVEPOS Point of Sale and take necessary actions.

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